Monday, March 5

5 essentials of a successfull meeting

How many times have we felt that the meeting we just attended was a waste of time? Quite a few isn' it?
Here are some essentials of an effective meeting. At least to avoid them being a waste of time.

DEFINE A CLEAR PURPOSE OR OBJECTIVE: Ensure that the meeting starts with identification of the objective of the meeting. Let it be circulated amongst the participants before the meeting. 

PREPARE AN AGENDA:  Ensure circulation of the meeting agenda along with the meeting invitation to let the participants know what is going to be discussed. At a minimum, circulate it at the beginning of the meeting. 

MAINTAIN CONTROL: Ensure to keep the meeting on track that is, adhering to the objectives and agenda. Otherwise, meeting participants can ramble on and lose focus.  This can waste too much time.

CONCLUDE POINTS: If you don't push for closure, people can debate something for way too long.  While coming to a decision may sometimes not be possible, but remember that not making a decision IS a decision.

IDENTIFY ACTION POINTS AND ACCOUNTABILITY: One of the biggest mistakes many teams make is not reviewing the actions that need to be taken next.  It is important to clarify who is to do what and by when.  This should be done at the end of every meeting. The Minutes of the meeting must be circulated to all the participants after the meeting to ensure everyone knows what is to be done and can recall on the points if missed during the meeting.

Ref: Quantum Learning Solutions Inc. Blog on Corporate Training tips

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