Tuesday, June 8

Save Money, Save Environment, Improve health, Reduce Carbon Footprint

As a continuation to my previous post on reducing carbon footprint, I hope there have been some viewers to the post and at least some who are doing their bit in reducing carbon footprint.

This is yet another way of reducing carbon foot print. And for those who don't give a damn to reducing carbon footprint, this will certainly save you money, here are reasons why you should cycle to work.
  • It does not cost you fuel, it is eco-friendly
  • It improves health and you dont even have to spend multiple grands at the Gym.
  • Bicycling is no more a "middle class" or "lower class" trait. And anyways, to protect your "image", you can always buy a high end bicycle.
  • It portrays you as a responsible citizen, improving social image. You can proudly say you are doing this to save environment.
So just go ahead, save money, save environment, improve health and reduce carbon footprint.

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