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The world's largest democracy in the world's biggest elections has given its mandate that it is the Congress which will be forming the next government in India.

The Congress has led the UPA to win the 15th Lok Sabha elections yet again and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has become the second prime minister after Jawaharlal Nehru to win the elections second time in a row.
The results of the elections have been a pleasant surprise for the Congress and the UPA as hardly anyone would have expected the results to be so decisive with the BJP considered to a strong contenders this time.
I need not highlight my personal views which are to the contrary and results have been as expected for me.
The stability and strength of Sonia, political decency and image of Manmohan Singh and the youth appeal of Rahul has managed the Congress to bag more seats than expected. The just in time pre-poll strategy of Rahul Gandhi to field all political parties possible and an attempt to acquire good political image also seems to have worked for the Congress.

Where did BJP go wrong?
The individualistic approach of the BJP is said to have led to its loss. L.K. Advani's desperation to become the Prime Minister since the time of AB Vajpayee was seen as too much to ask from the people. Even the election campaign projected Advani as indeed the only candidate from the BJP.
The last minute projection of Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate also cost the BJP dear.
Sources say that the absence of AB Vajpayee was a crucial factor for the loss of already weak BJP.

LEFT out
The Left, especially the CPM has been left out clearly and the Congress will not need its support to form the next government. In fact, Left lost most of its territory in West bengal and Kerala. The All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) led by Mamata Banerjee was considered to be a strong party in West bengal after the Panchayat elections, Singur and Nandigram cases. However, it has significantly exceeded expectations by sweeping West Bengal off Left.
It is now high time for the CPM to work hard in case it wants to retain its over three decades of rule in West Bengal.

Nitish does the trick
The Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has been in the news lately for all the good reasons. In fact even Rahul Gandhi went on record praising him for his work in Bihar in the last 5 years. He has done it again and it is now clear that leaders like Lalu and Paswan are no more the kings of Bihar.
Sources say, that Lalu is expected to remain in the new cabinet to be formed by the prime minister.

Cabinet - the next battle
With the new cabinet to be formed, PM Manmohan Singh's problems seems to be far from over. With an already strong cabinet and a ceiling on the number of cabinet ministers, he would have a tough time dealing with new allies like the Trinamool Congress while assigning departments in the cabinet. With Lalu set to remain in the cabinet and Mamata Banerjee being the Railway Minister during the Vajpayee's government, shuffling ministries would be a battle to be fought.
To add to the woes, Dr. Singh has expressed his wish to include rahul Gandhi in the cabinet.
But given the abilities of Dr. Singh and the support of the strong Sonia Gandhi, he is expected to fight it out smoothly enough.

Effect on the Markets
With the decisive results of the elections, the markets are expected to be very positive on Monday and in the days to come. The NIFTY is expected to touch 4000 mark on Monday itself.
The stable position of the Inflation, companies reporting positive profits and growing sales, good expected monsoon and a stable government seems to show very positive signs for the markets and the economy.

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